Keep your home and pets safe and sound while you're away.

Affordable Home Watch Ltd. will house sit your home and pets while you are away.  We will visit your home regularly, as set out in a personalized service contract and report to you any conditions that could affect the safety, security or mechanical aspects of your property.  As per your instructions, concerns regarding the property will be acted upon.  Our home sitting services are customized to meet your needs.

Our services provide peace of mind and satisfy insurance requirements for the home owner while their property is vacant.

Affordable Home Watch Services

Interior Checks

  • Maintain constant heating levels.
  • Perform a walk through of each room.
  • Check for water leaks and run water.
  • Check on all appliances.
  • Check electrical panel.
  • Check service areas.
  • Adjust curtains.
  • Indoor plant care.
  • Retrieve voice mail messages.
  • Emergency visits for extreme weather conditions.
  • Meter readings.

Exterior Checks

  • Check for vandalism or forced entry on the premises.
  • Mail and flyer pick-up.
  • Check on vehicles on site.

Pets (Exception no dogs)

  • Interact/play.
  • Feed and water.
  • Clean litter boxes and/or cages.
  • Maintain  fish tanks.

Affordable Home Watch Ltd. is committed to protecting your home as if it’s our own.  Home sitting and pet care are responsibilities we take very seriously.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and licensed with The City of Edmonton and Service Alberta.  The company has the required General Surety Bond and carries full commercial liability insurance through Intact Insurance.

After we have performed our home watch inspection, we generate an electronic report that has a date stamped picture of your property inserted.  A copy of the report can be provided after each inspection or when you return home.