How It Works
Understand our processes better.

Contact Us

1.  Contact Us

You can reach us by phone, email or fill in our online form.  We will respond within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Site Visit

2.  Site Visit

During the site visit any special needs will identified, service level and time frame confirmed.


3.  Contract

The service contract will be reviewed and signed.  We will ensure all your needs are being met.  A vacation preparation guideline will also be provided.

Key Pick-up

4.  Key Pick-up

Keys will be picked up prior to your departure.  Keys will be tagged with a reference # only and kept in a lock-box at the corporate office.

Site Inspection

5.  Site Inspection

Site inspections will be conducted as defined in the service contract.  Our vehicles are not identified to prevent people being aware you are not home.

Inspection Reports

6.  Inspection Report(s)

A report detailing findings with a date stamped picture of the home, is generated for each inspection conducted.  Each report will be provided when you return home or upon request.

Billing Process

7.  Billing Process

Payment is required at the beginning of the contract and the start of each month there after.  We accept cash, cheques, e-transfers or will invoice you through PayPal.

End of contract

8.  End of Contract

When you return your keys will be returned to you.  Affordable Home Watch Ltd. is committed to protecting your home as if it was ours.